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Lots Of Fins Aquarium is NOW stocking a HUGE variety of community tropical fish that far out numbers most aquarium shops in Melbourne! 

Full range of aquarium products . . . tanks, LED lights, heaters, filters, foods, conditioners, accessories and supplies!

Specializing in aquarium aquatic plants.

   Aquarium Community Tropical Fish,    
        rare & unusual.

   Marine Fish & Corals.

  Large & Small aquariums.

5Lots Of Fins Aquarium

We pride ourselves on great customer service & high quality healthy fish & products.
With over 35 years experience!

Lots Of Fins Aquarium is returning after 12 years since its unfortunate closure.

Established for 20 years, before being tragically destroyed by a fire, it was esteemed as one of Melbourne's finest aquarium shops.

The profits from this shop go directly to save lives, bring love & joy to many hearts & rescue orphans, free slaves & much much more ..


Melbourne's first...
The profits of this fabulous "Lots Of Fins Aquarium" shop in Narre Warren rescues orphans, free slaves & bring love, hope & a future to many lives around
the world! PLEASE VISIT  to see our projects & how YOU can help even more!!!

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HUGE range in store now. here's just a few...
Red sea, Juwel, Aquaone, Aquael, API, Nutrafin, Tetra, HD prime, Aquazonic, Fluval, New Life Spectrum, Vitalis

Goldfish, catfish, tropical fish, marine fish, corals, Fighters, bettas, Dwarf gourami, tetras, rasboras, rainbow fish, cichlids, platies, mollies, barbs, mollys, sharks, live bearers,